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Saturday, June 14th, 2014


Subject:LJ Nostalgic Today
Time:5:49 pm.
... but why are you here?

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

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Subject:the bros
Time:10:00 pm.
So I'm in College Station, Texas, slightly bored, decided to read "m4m" on craigslist. I wanted to find some fratboy-like gay calls, and I think I found one:

"im having a party tonight, so looking for a masculine striaght acting guy to come over and chill and play some beer and liquor games then we can play when we r drunk. Attractive is preferred and if u are fit it doesnt hurt.. but mostly u need to be masculine cause me and all my friends are... hit me up with a pic and u will get one in return "

Friday, March 14th, 2008

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Time:5:46 pm.
I just finished seven weeks of non-stop school. One week off and then six more non-stop weeks to go until Renn Fayre, reading week, and finals' week. Only seven weeks? I don't know how to measure time anymore. Two essays. Seven linear problems sets. Six physics' labs. Two tests. Six physics' problem sets. Six Multivariable problem sets. Eight loads of laundry or something. Two days of tutoring. Seven films, maybe six. Six times of indoor soccer. Two runs. Umpteen missed classes. Sick once. Cups of coffee and cigarettes are like minutes and seconds.

I had a dream last night that Type 1 elementary row operations on matrices were like traveling back in time because when performed on the matrix, they negate the determinate of the product. More anthropomorphized matrix dreams. I don't remember what type 2 and type 3 operations did. Type 3 let you do anything you wanted, I think, because they don't change the determinate at all. So as long as you come back to where you started, your net displacement is zero. Type 3 operations are more useful imvho. One of my professors hit on me in my dream. All my professors are guys.

I'm tutoring on Thursdays at an "alternative" high-school with about 80 students. The school leases the rooms of a large methodist church whose congregation is comprised mostly of senior citizens and therefore has gotten rather small and doesn't need all the space. I leave here at 9:00 and bike there to arrive at 9:30. I start with the senior class in the computer lab and help them work through problems on this program made by "Carnegie Learning, Inc." (http://www.carnegielearning.com/).

When I went to interview, I took a liking to the place. Old building. Lots of color, not overly planned. Friendly people. They like Reedies there. Going downstairs, I passed by another common room used as a lunch hall and recreation room, complete with pool table and ping-pong table. Down the hall was the math classroom connected to a computer lab by open double doors. That's where I spend the class hour with half of the class.

My first day I arrived a little early and ate breakfast with the teachers, a little nervous about mingling with the students just yet. Most of them could probably kick my ass. The first class started with the seniors. The teacher, D., introduced me. I started with the first half of the class after D. told them the morning agenda. Half of the class was going to take a quiz and the other half was going to be with me in the computer lab. Some girl with a bag of dorito chips got in an argument with a boy who had tried to steal them from her, all in good fun, and ended up spilling them everywhere. She said he didn't "respect her." The class was pretty much wasted on that drama. The rest of the classes were more or less the same. You can't take a disciplinarian stance with the students. They are completely unresponsive to it. Instead, punishment for misbehaving in class is to send you home, which is sad because usually that's enough of an incentive not to misbehave. They want to stay with their friends or their home is just too shitty to want to go back to. I don't know. It didn't really phase me, except it was weird to leave the Reed bubble and come to an academic setting where no one gives a shit.

During my lunch break, I played pool with some of the kids. I kicked ass and gained some timé. After which, they listened to me a little bit more. My final class was with the freshmen, which were the least friendly group of people. They told me not to stand over the shoulder like the "last girl." Boy, they were glad she was gone. They said we wouldn't have any problems though...as long as I didn't stand over their shoulder. I sat down in a chair the whole time, bored. None of them needed a "tutor."

That was only a week ago. I went this Thursday but he wasn't doing the math program and forgot I was coming. I was a little late, but early enough to not come into the class after it started. After the first class with nothing to do, I asked him an awkward voice, "Do you mind...if I leave?....I have midterms this week." Not exactly true, but this week was midterm week, and I had stayed up all night writing a paper that wasn't quite done that I needed to turn in later that day. He looked a little surprised or maybe I just looked a little frazzled, but said, "not at all." I don't think he cared. I'll be back there next week in a much better state of mind. Hopefully I can go more than once. I need the money, but it kind of interests me too.

My dad got married today. That's weird. I have a step-mom and step-siblings. I guess. I've never met them so we're not really much of anything.

Time for spring cleaning.

Monday, January 7th, 2008

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Subject:icing the cake
Time:3:53 am.
We celebrated my brother's birthday today. I tried to make a real fancy cake, called Gâteau St. Honoré.

Here is a picture of one such cake (there's a lot of variety and this cake doesn't really represent what I had in mind):

That cake made me cry. I started baking at 11:30 and didn't stop until 6:00 in the morning when I was completely exasperated and obviously unsuccessful. It was like desperately trying to save someone's life while watching them die. I climbed in my older brother's bed and woke him up, saying with tears of frustration, "I'm so ashamed, David." (I didn't want everyone to see my cake.) I told him about the fiasco, and soon we both were laughing.

My mom woke up shortly after I climbed into bed and peeked at my cake, laughing. Then she picked up the receipt and saw how much of her money I spent making the cake. Then she started yelling, and I woke up again.

Family and friends started coming over, and she showed everyone my cake, telling everyone I can't cook (which is not true at all).

Anyway, she ended up buying some impersonal ice cream cake from dairy queen or something. Total bullshit.

Everyone tried my cake -- albeit, hesitantly -- and liked it better.

(I'm sorry I don't have a picture. It really looked like regurgitated éclairs that someone tried their best to make appealing.)

Tuesday, January 1st, 2008


Subject:tuesday morning turning back on a few xmas pics
Time:8:00 pm.
Ein paar Fotos von Weihnachten.
xmas photo series ... i.e. the moody familyCollapse )

Eine Woche übrig. Dank Gott! Allerdings werde ich meine Familie vermissen.

Saturday, December 29th, 2007

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Subject:can i get a taste of your ice cream
Time:1:18 am.
I've been staying at my Grandmother's house for the past two days. The police came by earlier. Said the neighbors saw someone outside of her house in a long jacket, smoking a cigarette, pacing. Guess I look sketchy.

Tuesday, December 25th, 2007

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Time:1:42 am.
p.s. I'm so full.

Doing it all over again tomorrow, but this time brunch is included.

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Subject:xmas eve
Time:1:38 am.
Oh extended family, how joyous you are after a couple bottles of wine!

I was just thinking how much I enjoyed my Christmas eve with my family, but I've gone through the pictures and I have a glass of wine in my hand in every one, so maybe I'll leave the verdict for tomorrow.

Saturday, December 22nd, 2007


Subject:cha cha
Time:5:01 pm.
I did not know it was Saturday until I made this post.


Subject:honey don't
Time:4:41 pm.
This thing again? I guess so. I'm at home and bored. I sleep 12 hours a day. I eat three meals a day. I sit on my computer all day, watching youtube videos and reading the news. I think about writing that paper that's due before xmas for my German drama class, but I push that thought quickly away again. I also think about reading some math texts that I brought home with me, but that makes me sleepy. I drink coffee in the morning and smoke cigarettes in the garage. I drink beer and wine in the evening and smoke cigarettes in the garage. I'm going to stop tomorrow.

I have gone to the library twice.
I have gone to the gas station twice.
I have gone to Giant Eagle (grocery store) once.
I have gone to the Dollar General once.
I have gone through the drive-thru atm once.

I have been home since Tuesday morning.

I have seen my nana.
I have seen my mom's new boy thing, Jerry.
I have seen The Shining.
I have seen Shortbus.

I have washed one load of laundry.
I have cleared up 2gb on my computer.
I have received 110 in pre-xmas $.

I helped set up the xmas tree with my brothers.
We have not decorated it yet.

My mother gave me two pairs of pants, several shirts, and one sweater she doesn't want anymore.
My Dad sent my greeting card with a miniature Mississippi license plate with my name on it.
My little brother tackled me and pinched my neck so hard that it looks like I have a giant hickey (hicky?).
I'm thinking about not telling my relatives the truth over xmas.

I have stolen my little sister's cellphone until Monday.
She's rather upset.

Tuesday, December 11th, 2007


Subject:oh nick
Time:8:33 am.
heh. Reviewing my professor's notes for my physics final:

I refer to what has come to be called the “singular
value decomposition” (or SVD)—of which, by the way, earlier versions of
Mathematica knew nothing, but Mathematica5 provides an implementation
that is very sweet, and upon which I will draw heavily.

Friday, October 19th, 2007

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Time:1:16 am.
Copied from craigslist:

"Call in sick tomorrow and a lot. Just say you got a cold and didn't wanna risk jail.

RCW 70.54.050
Exposing contagious disease — Penalty.

Every person who shall wilfully expose himself to another, or any animal affected with any contagious or infectious disease, in any public place or thoroughfare, except upon his or its necessary removal in a manner not dangerous to the public health; and every person so affected who shall expose any other person thereto without his knowledge, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

[1909 c 249 § 287; RRS § 2539.] "

Though is a business considered a public place?

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

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Time:12:21 pm.
Mephistopheles (dancing with the Old Witch):
Once I had a savage dream:
I saw an ancient, cloven tree
In which a giant hole did gleam;
Big as it was, it suited me.

Old Witch:
Let me salute and welcome you;
The cloven hoof shows through your shoe!
A giant stopper will ensure
That you can fill the aperture.

...oh my Goethe.

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

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Time:2:58 am.
what I've been up doing for part of the night:
*Actually I'm going to rewrite some of it tomorrow so that's it's a little more coherent verbally. Embedded in the mess is some of my 3:00 humor, but the important thing is that it works.

-- Math 121 Lab 3 - Using Haskell to implement languages and automata
-- Math 121 Lab
-- date : 10/01/07

--Problem 3
--The function, "konKat," concatenates two lists of integers that represent the strings of a language(s). (I know the problem asked to use lists of lists to represent strings, but you said it was ok to do it this way.) The concatenation function only works for strings over the alphabet of natural numbers, excluding 0. The output of "konKat" provides the list of strings resulting from concatenation, removing any duplicates that occur by means of a helper function "removeDuplicates," which was developed in Lab 2. The actually computation of the concatenation is aided by two other helper functions digitsOfpos and power, which were created for Lab 1. Their role is explained in more detail below.

digitsOfpos :: Int -> Int
digitsOfpos n | n >= 10 = 1 + (digitsOfpos (n `div` 10))
| n < 10 = 1
| otherwise = 0

power :: Int -> Int -> Int
power x n | n == 0 = 1
| n > 0 = x * (power x (n - 1))
| otherwise = 0
-- - - - - - - - - -
--The following four functions, created for Lab 2, remove duplicates in a list and put them in ascending order.

sort :: [Int] -> [Int]
sort [] = []
sort [x] = [x]
sort (h:t) = (sort lessers) ++ [h] ++ (sort greaters)
where lessers = t `filteredBy` ( <= h )
greaters = t `filteredBy` ( > h )

[] `filteredBy` pie = []
(h:t) `filteredBy` pie = if (pie h) then (h:t') else (t')
where t' = filter pie t

remover [] _ f = f
remover (h:t) [] f = remover t [h] (h:f)
remover (h:t) (x:d) f
| h /= x = remover t (h:(x:d)) (h:f)
| h == x = remover t (h:(x:d)) f

removeDuplicates [] = reverse (remover [] [] [])
removeDuplicates (h:t) = reverse (remover (sort(h:t)) [] [])

-- - - - - - - - - - -
--Pit is a somewhat unnecessary function, employed merely for aesthetic purposes, as the author wanted to clear up the amount of functions in the "kon" function. Pit raises 10 to the power of the number of digits in an integer, x.

pit :: Int -> Int
pit x = power 10 (digitsOfpos x)

--"kon" does most of the concatenation computation. It multiplies the head of the first list ten raised to the power of the number of digits of the head of the second list and adds the head of the second list to that value.(whew!, e.g. if [2,3,4,5] and [23,4,3,4] are concatenated, then it computes 2*10^(2) + 23 = 223, which is the concatenation of the first two strings.) The function then repeats this process for the head of the first list and each element of the second list, creating a list of the head of the first list concatenated with the second list.

kon :: [Int] -> [Int] -> [Int]
kon (h : t) [] = (h : t)
kon [] (x:d) = (x:d)
kon (h : t) (x : d) | (h:t) /= [] = (h * (pit x) + x) : (kon (t) (x : d))
| otherwise = []

--konKat applies the kon function to the rest of the first list, providing the full concatenation of both lists. It also employs "removeDuplicates" to provide a more ordered list.

konKat (h : t) [] = (h : t)
konKat [] (x:d) = (x:d)
konKat (h : t) (x : d) = removeDuplicates ((kon (h : t) (x : d)) ++ (konKat (h : t) (d)))

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

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Time:5:32 pm.
I've already consumed 1800mg of caffeine in Visodas alone. (for some reason the link to the product website isn't working)

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Subject:hallucinate more
Time:5:26 pm.
I wish that they would take away your meal plan, coffee, and cigarettes when you had late homework and not give them back until you finished it. Now that would be an incentive.
Everyone tells me that I take school too seriously. Or I get too stressed out. I really don't see this as a problem. I think I like the stress and seriousness of it. Maybe I could do without the anxiety though.

Last night I took a lot of melatonin before I went to sleep, and it did the same thing vicodin does me if I take it before I go to bed. I went into this weird dream-like state before I actually fell asleep completely. It's like what happens when you stay up for a long period of time and then lay down for a little while but don't fall asleep because you have too much to do, and you go into this weird meditative state where it's almost like you're sleeping but you're still totally awake. Then you get up and feel like you had a restful nap.
I think it might actually be in the genre of hallucinating but I'm not really sure.
At any rate, I really like it when it happens.

Monday, August 13th, 2007


Time:12:48 pm.
I've had a pretty long weekend. I was supposed to work at the zoo at 8:00 am on Saturday - or so I thought. I drank the night before, slept two hours, and arrived on time for once only to find out that I wasn't scheduled to work until 3:30 pm. However, they were a little short-staffed so they let me stay. Later, one of the supervisors asked me if I can leave at 12:00 and come back at 3:00. I reluctantly agreed. I felt obligated because I did fuck up their scheduling after all, and they needed every hand later that evening for a 3000-person picnic. For my break I biked downtown and ate sushi, but the heat and food made me tired.
After work, I went home and everyone was drinking a lot because it was one of our friends last night in town and that's what they always do on the weekends anyway. We had a keg, and I guess I drank way more than necessary because I had a hangover the next day from Miller High Life. Oh I forgot to mention that I had to work at 8:00 am (again). I got 4 hours sleep and miraculously made my way to the bus on time, completely hungover. I drank a lot of water when I woke up, but I was thirsty again so I drank the water that had been sitting in my nalgene for too long. I thought it smelled bad, but my nose wasn't working very well and I didn't really care. I started feeling a little better when I got to work. I jokingly told my coworkers that I had a hangover. My supervisor heard me, thinking it was funny. Then a couple hours into it, I started feeling really nauseous. I can only think it was that water because I've never had nausea from a hangover.
I told my supervisor, who doesn't really think much of me, that I felt sick and I might very well throw up. I really didn't want to ask her or go home, but I knew I would have thrown up on the buffet line if I had to look at one more hamburger or hotdog.
She asked me if I could stay another half hour because of some weird thing where you have to work at least three hours per shift. Anyway, I ended up talking to the client but excusing myself suddenly because my mouth started filling up with water, like right before you puke. I barely made it out of sight and into some bushes. I pretty much felt immediately better, but I didn't want to tell my supervisor. They must think I'm a walking catastrophe at the there.
Owell. I went to sleep when I got home and Bekah (a classmate from msms) called me. She was in town, and we got together. They couldn't stay too long though because the buses don't run too late in this area, but it was really nice seeing her. It wasn't weird at all. (I haven't seen her in two years.)

Friday, August 10th, 2007

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Time:5:44 pm.
I realized yesterday that I haven't made a serious post about what I've been doing for a while. Many of the people that I've lost touch with except on lj have no idea that I'm working a shitty job in the catering department at the Oregon Zoo or that I'm living with four (really only three) friends from Reed. I have the nicest room. We have a treehouse and blackberry bushes in the backyard and a leopard print couch in the front yard. I made a cobbler with the blackberries the other day. (I put too much baking powder, however, and it came out bitter.)
School starts in about two weeks so everyone is starting to get back. We have two or three people staying here for a while. We only have one bathroom.
Almost three weeks ago, I stepped on a ceramic bowl and a shard went up my foot, cutting part of a tendon. That's made my life difficult. It's amazing how a foot problem can cast a shadow on a lot of activities.
I cut my hair about three weeks ago too. Here's a picture of what I look like at this very moment:

That's my foot a few weeks ago. You can see the stitches but not the cut that well.

I've made my most serious attempt to quit smoking since I started. It's been a little over a week. I've messed up a couple times when I've been drinking, but I haven't had any while I've been sober, but I also seriously doubt my resolve will stay when school starts and I get tired, stressed, and apathetic.

When I first came to Portland, I didn't believe there was a single stupid person around. Some crazy, but none actually deficient in brain activity. Apparently, however, they all work at the zoo in food and catering.
Working in food services has been interesting. (Interesting, but I'm really sick of it.) It's so funny doing a fancy dinner; all I can think about is that we filled the lemonade up with the hose from behind the kitchen (which I've seen fall on the ground) and that the green onions on the potato salad came precut and prepackaged and have been sitting in the fridge for several months, many of which are going bad. I know that's not that bad, but everyone is all dressed up, pretending to be sophisticated and thinking the food looks like it's been handled with attention. They always tell me that the food was delicious and thank me. I always smile and thank them heartily, but all I do is bring it out to them and refill things or bus or check wristbands. It's a mindless job. We don't do fancy dinners usually though. We mostly do "picnics," which is just a buffet with hotdogs, hamburgers, chicken, potato salad, watermelon, pork beans, chips, and sometimes a salad or pasta salad. I'm so sick of all of that food that I only eat the watermelon now. I can't eat the salad because the dressing is really disgusting.

It's nice to do something and make money though. The summer was starting to get too lazy and debaucherous.
It's also gotten me more into biking. I bike to work, and I'm getting some cool leg muscles and I feel great.

I'm also supposed to doing some physics review right now, which I guess is why I'm writing this post. Procrastination.

Monday, July 9th, 2007

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Subject:For the Love of God
Time:10:04 pm.

...worth £12 million

Sunday, July 1st, 2007

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Time:1:40 pm.
Birds Birds Birds

Thursday, June 21st, 2007

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Time:12:06 am.
h: I'm hungry.
a: Does this mean you're backing out?
h: Hell no.
a: Oh damn.
h: I only had a bowl of rice today and that was 12 hours ago.
a: I haven't eaten for two days.
h: You ate yesterday.
a: I haven't eaten since last Wednesday.
h: What about that pasta I saw you eat?
a: What pasta?
h: We can't quit now. Our bodies need to know that we can go for a day without food.
a: Well technically I've gone 24 hours.
h: Days without food then.
a: Let's go to safeway and get some bread.


Monday, June 18th, 2007


Subject:College Quiche Skinny-Dipping Reed Puzzles Pigeons "And More"
Time:5:52 am.

Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

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Time:3:39 pm.
I'm sick and oh so deserve it. I've decided I want to be a dishwasher.

Thursday, June 7th, 2007


Time:12:59 am.
I've got this nasty feeling in the back of my throat from accidentally inhaling chewed-up brownie.
Tomorrow I have an interview at the zoo. God, I hope I get a job. I'm going to be in trouble soon otherwise.
This summer has been very active so far, but I'm getting that panicky, I-need-to-be-doing-something feeling.

I'm going to write everyone a postcard. Yes, even you.

I miss Mississippi.

Saturday, May 26th, 2007


Subject:all x
Time:11:21 pm.
I've uploaded some pictures from the last quarter of school and the following summer days to my flickr account.

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007


Subject:twin terror
Time:10:29 pm.
I had a crazy dream last night that I gave birth to a set of twins inside one of the dorms, which was falling apart because some war bomb had destroyed a part of it. I was living in a room with my grandparents and some friends, who were taking care of the twins more than I. It looked like a depressing place. Eventually, I decided I had to get the hell out of there. I picked up one of the twins who was about 3 years old at that point and just starting to realize that I was her mom. We went to the more demolished part of the building and I could feel an evil force, so I ran back to a different exit and left. Outside, everything was normal and happy. There's more but it's too demented to tell anyone.

I wonder why I only took one of the twins. That's kind of disturbing.

I'm working at the Reed reunion week in a few days - circa 50 hrs. It will be nice as far as money goes, and I'm already starting to get bored with my one-day projects, something to make one-day projects nice again. I'll get to talk to a lot of Reed alums too. That will be interesting.

I'm pretty sure I shouldn't be able to tell that my left ovary is there, but I can feel a slight pressure. I've decided to wait until school starts again to get it checked out though, since my school insurance quits over the summer. That's kind of retarded for them to do that. Waiting might not be the best idea, but it's probably not something that's going to be much different in three months when I'm back in school. Still...something in the back of my mind. Maybe my ovaries are the twins in my dream.

Tonight we're having a bunch of people over for a set tournament/excuse to drink. It should be fun.

We're playing memory until people show up. I kick lots of ass at that game.

Monday, May 21st, 2007

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Subject:fancy beer
Time:10:40 pm.
I'm drinkin with my housemates. Yea! Wait, no, I'm posting on livejournal and drinkin. I'm about to go back in there and make my housemates play a game of set. We've been playing it every other hour, especially when we first wake up. It's intense. I've never played competitively with people.

Hannah: Hey guys! When I come back in there guess what I want to do?
Rossy: Drink?
Hannah: I'm already doing that.
Caitlin: If it's play set, the answer is no.
Nava: Yea!

Looks like set is on.

I posted some photos on the facebook. I went on some hikes around the mt hood area this past weekend.
I jumped in a lake with snow still around it (naked), climbed up the tom dick and harry mountain, and hiked to little zigzag falls. (http://reed.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2007178&l=c986e&id=9702144)
I've also been biking around, building shit, looking for jobs. summer summer summer.

Photos are going to be on flickr soon too. (It takes longer because I have to tag shit.)

Today I cleaned the kitchen. (It was a project.) Tomorrow I might tackle my room.


Thursday, April 26th, 2007

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Time:1:55 pm.
For some reason this made me laugh.

From my nuclear reactor training manual:

Since about about 0.011% of all potassium is (^40)K and 0.2% of the human body is potassium, approximately 200,000 atoms of (^40)K decay in a person's body each minute. (^40)K produces a beta particle and a 1.46 MeV gamma so the dose is not only internal, but also hits people standing nearby.

Not that it's really a big deal but I feel like there should be an exclamation mark at the end of it.

Friday, April 20th, 2007

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Time:10:47 am.
Apparently I've lost my mind. I'm seeing UFOs and touching invisible people in the library.

Sunday, April 8th, 2007


Time:10:50 pm.
Ben Hé-Hé said: The gain is in proportion to the pain.

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