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I realized yesterday that I haven't made a serious post about what I've been doing for a while. Many of the people that I've lost touch with except on lj have no idea that I'm working a shitty job in the catering department at the Oregon Zoo or that I'm living with four (really only three) friends from Reed. I have the nicest room. We have a treehouse and blackberry bushes in the backyard and a leopard print couch in the front yard. I made a cobbler with the blackberries the other day. (I put too much baking powder, however, and it came out bitter.)
School starts in about two weeks so everyone is starting to get back. We have two or three people staying here for a while. We only have one bathroom.
Almost three weeks ago, I stepped on a ceramic bowl and a shard went up my foot, cutting part of a tendon. That's made my life difficult. It's amazing how a foot problem can cast a shadow on a lot of activities.
I cut my hair about three weeks ago too. Here's a picture of what I look like at this very moment:

That's my foot a few weeks ago. You can see the stitches but not the cut that well.

I've made my most serious attempt to quit smoking since I started. It's been a little over a week. I've messed up a couple times when I've been drinking, but I haven't had any while I've been sober, but I also seriously doubt my resolve will stay when school starts and I get tired, stressed, and apathetic.

When I first came to Portland, I didn't believe there was a single stupid person around. Some crazy, but none actually deficient in brain activity. Apparently, however, they all work at the zoo in food and catering.
Working in food services has been interesting. (Interesting, but I'm really sick of it.) It's so funny doing a fancy dinner; all I can think about is that we filled the lemonade up with the hose from behind the kitchen (which I've seen fall on the ground) and that the green onions on the potato salad came precut and prepackaged and have been sitting in the fridge for several months, many of which are going bad. I know that's not that bad, but everyone is all dressed up, pretending to be sophisticated and thinking the food looks like it's been handled with attention. They always tell me that the food was delicious and thank me. I always smile and thank them heartily, but all I do is bring it out to them and refill things or bus or check wristbands. It's a mindless job. We don't do fancy dinners usually though. We mostly do "picnics," which is just a buffet with hotdogs, hamburgers, chicken, potato salad, watermelon, pork beans, chips, and sometimes a salad or pasta salad. I'm so sick of all of that food that I only eat the watermelon now. I can't eat the salad because the dressing is really disgusting.

It's nice to do something and make money though. The summer was starting to get too lazy and debaucherous.
It's also gotten me more into biking. I bike to work, and I'm getting some cool leg muscles and I feel great.

I'm also supposed to doing some physics review right now, which I guess is why I'm writing this post. Procrastination.
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