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I've had a pretty long weekend. I was supposed to work at the zoo at 8:00 am on Saturday - or so I thought. I drank the night before, slept two hours, and arrived on time for once only to find out that I wasn't scheduled to work until 3:30 pm. However, they were a little short-staffed so they let me stay. Later, one of the supervisors asked me if I can leave at 12:00 and come back at 3:00. I reluctantly agreed. I felt obligated because I did fuck up their scheduling after all, and they needed every hand later that evening for a 3000-person picnic. For my break I biked downtown and ate sushi, but the heat and food made me tired.
After work, I went home and everyone was drinking a lot because it was one of our friends last night in town and that's what they always do on the weekends anyway. We had a keg, and I guess I drank way more than necessary because I had a hangover the next day from Miller High Life. Oh I forgot to mention that I had to work at 8:00 am (again). I got 4 hours sleep and miraculously made my way to the bus on time, completely hungover. I drank a lot of water when I woke up, but I was thirsty again so I drank the water that had been sitting in my nalgene for too long. I thought it smelled bad, but my nose wasn't working very well and I didn't really care. I started feeling a little better when I got to work. I jokingly told my coworkers that I had a hangover. My supervisor heard me, thinking it was funny. Then a couple hours into it, I started feeling really nauseous. I can only think it was that water because I've never had nausea from a hangover.
I told my supervisor, who doesn't really think much of me, that I felt sick and I might very well throw up. I really didn't want to ask her or go home, but I knew I would have thrown up on the buffet line if I had to look at one more hamburger or hotdog.
She asked me if I could stay another half hour because of some weird thing where you have to work at least three hours per shift. Anyway, I ended up talking to the client but excusing myself suddenly because my mouth started filling up with water, like right before you puke. I barely made it out of sight and into some bushes. I pretty much felt immediately better, but I didn't want to tell my supervisor. They must think I'm a walking catastrophe at the there.
Owell. I went to sleep when I got home and Bekah (a classmate from msms) called me. She was in town, and we got together. They couldn't stay too long though because the buses don't run too late in this area, but it was really nice seeing her. It wasn't weird at all. (I haven't seen her in two years.)
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