Hannah (eightyoldwomen) wrote,

hallucinate more

I wish that they would take away your meal plan, coffee, and cigarettes when you had late homework and not give them back until you finished it. Now that would be an incentive.
Everyone tells me that I take school too seriously. Or I get too stressed out. I really don't see this as a problem. I think I like the stress and seriousness of it. Maybe I could do without the anxiety though.

Last night I took a lot of melatonin before I went to sleep, and it did the same thing vicodin does me if I take it before I go to bed. I went into this weird dream-like state before I actually fell asleep completely. It's like what happens when you stay up for a long period of time and then lay down for a little while but don't fall asleep because you have too much to do, and you go into this weird meditative state where it's almost like you're sleeping but you're still totally awake. Then you get up and feel like you had a restful nap.
I think it might actually be in the genre of hallucinating but I'm not really sure.
At any rate, I really like it when it happens.
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