Hannah (eightyoldwomen) wrote,

honey don't

This thing again? I guess so. I'm at home and bored. I sleep 12 hours a day. I eat three meals a day. I sit on my computer all day, watching youtube videos and reading the news. I think about writing that paper that's due before xmas for my German drama class, but I push that thought quickly away again. I also think about reading some math texts that I brought home with me, but that makes me sleepy. I drink coffee in the morning and smoke cigarettes in the garage. I drink beer and wine in the evening and smoke cigarettes in the garage. I'm going to stop tomorrow.

I have gone to the library twice.
I have gone to the gas station twice.
I have gone to Giant Eagle (grocery store) once.
I have gone to the Dollar General once.
I have gone through the drive-thru atm once.

I have been home since Tuesday morning.

I have seen my nana.
I have seen my mom's new boy thing, Jerry.
I have seen The Shining.
I have seen Shortbus.

I have washed one load of laundry.
I have cleared up 2gb on my computer.
I have received 110 in pre-xmas $.

I helped set up the xmas tree with my brothers.
We have not decorated it yet.

My mother gave me two pairs of pants, several shirts, and one sweater she doesn't want anymore.
My Dad sent my greeting card with a miniature Mississippi license plate with my name on it.
My little brother tackled me and pinched my neck so hard that it looks like I have a giant hickey (hicky?).
I'm thinking about not telling my relatives the truth over xmas.

I have stolen my little sister's cellphone until Monday.
She's rather upset.
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