Hannah (eightyoldwomen) wrote,

icing the cake

We celebrated my brother's birthday today. I tried to make a real fancy cake, called Gâteau St. Honoré.

Here is a picture of one such cake (there's a lot of variety and this cake doesn't really represent what I had in mind):

That cake made me cry. I started baking at 11:30 and didn't stop until 6:00 in the morning when I was completely exasperated and obviously unsuccessful. It was like desperately trying to save someone's life while watching them die. I climbed in my older brother's bed and woke him up, saying with tears of frustration, "I'm so ashamed, David." (I didn't want everyone to see my cake.) I told him about the fiasco, and soon we both were laughing.

My mom woke up shortly after I climbed into bed and peeked at my cake, laughing. Then she picked up the receipt and saw how much of her money I spent making the cake. Then she started yelling, and I woke up again.

Family and friends started coming over, and she showed everyone my cake, telling everyone I can't cook (which is not true at all).

Anyway, she ended up buying some impersonal ice cream cake from dairy queen or something. Total bullshit.

Everyone tried my cake -- albeit, hesitantly -- and liked it better.

(I'm sorry I don't have a picture. It really looked like regurgitated éclairs that someone tried their best to make appealing.)
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