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I just finished seven weeks of non-stop school. One week off and then six more non-stop weeks to go until Renn Fayre, reading week, and finals' week. Only seven weeks? I don't know how to measure time anymore. Two essays. Seven linear problems sets. Six physics' labs. Two tests. Six physics' problem sets. Six Multivariable problem sets. Eight loads of laundry or something. Two days of tutoring. Seven films, maybe six. Six times of indoor soccer. Two runs. Umpteen missed classes. Sick once. Cups of coffee and cigarettes are like minutes and seconds.

I had a dream last night that Type 1 elementary row operations on matrices were like traveling back in time because when performed on the matrix, they negate the determinate of the product. More anthropomorphized matrix dreams. I don't remember what type 2 and type 3 operations did. Type 3 let you do anything you wanted, I think, because they don't change the determinate at all. So as long as you come back to where you started, your net displacement is zero. Type 3 operations are more useful imvho. One of my professors hit on me in my dream. All my professors are guys.

I'm tutoring on Thursdays at an "alternative" high-school with about 80 students. The school leases the rooms of a large methodist church whose congregation is comprised mostly of senior citizens and therefore has gotten rather small and doesn't need all the space. I leave here at 9:00 and bike there to arrive at 9:30. I start with the senior class in the computer lab and help them work through problems on this program made by "Carnegie Learning, Inc." (http://www.carnegielearning.com/).

When I went to interview, I took a liking to the place. Old building. Lots of color, not overly planned. Friendly people. They like Reedies there. Going downstairs, I passed by another common room used as a lunch hall and recreation room, complete with pool table and ping-pong table. Down the hall was the math classroom connected to a computer lab by open double doors. That's where I spend the class hour with half of the class.

My first day I arrived a little early and ate breakfast with the teachers, a little nervous about mingling with the students just yet. Most of them could probably kick my ass. The first class started with the seniors. The teacher, D., introduced me. I started with the first half of the class after D. told them the morning agenda. Half of the class was going to take a quiz and the other half was going to be with me in the computer lab. Some girl with a bag of dorito chips got in an argument with a boy who had tried to steal them from her, all in good fun, and ended up spilling them everywhere. She said he didn't "respect her." The class was pretty much wasted on that drama. The rest of the classes were more or less the same. You can't take a disciplinarian stance with the students. They are completely unresponsive to it. Instead, punishment for misbehaving in class is to send you home, which is sad because usually that's enough of an incentive not to misbehave. They want to stay with their friends or their home is just too shitty to want to go back to. I don't know. It didn't really phase me, except it was weird to leave the Reed bubble and come to an academic setting where no one gives a shit.

During my lunch break, I played pool with some of the kids. I kicked ass and gained some timé. After which, they listened to me a little bit more. My final class was with the freshmen, which were the least friendly group of people. They told me not to stand over the shoulder like the "last girl." Boy, they were glad she was gone. They said we wouldn't have any problems though...as long as I didn't stand over their shoulder. I sat down in a chair the whole time, bored. None of them needed a "tutor."

That was only a week ago. I went this Thursday but he wasn't doing the math program and forgot I was coming. I was a little late, but early enough to not come into the class after it started. After the first class with nothing to do, I asked him an awkward voice, "Do you mind...if I leave?....I have midterms this week." Not exactly true, but this week was midterm week, and I had stayed up all night writing a paper that wasn't quite done that I needed to turn in later that day. He looked a little surprised or maybe I just looked a little frazzled, but said, "not at all." I don't think he cared. I'll be back there next week in a much better state of mind. Hopefully I can go more than once. I need the money, but it kind of interests me too.

My dad got married today. That's weird. I have a step-mom and step-siblings. I guess. I've never met them so we're not really much of anything.

Time for spring cleaning.
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