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Frau Fou

21 April
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I've decided that good poets are just better existentialists
a rose for emily, academia, adam green, ai phoenix, american spirits, andrew bird, architecture in helsinki, aristophanes, beck, beers, belle & sebastian, beowulf, bergen, berlin, biff rose, blur, boats, bob dylan, bodies of water, books, brian eno, bridge to terabithia, broken social scene, calculus, cameraphone photography, cat stevens, cigarette brands, coast, cocorosie, cognition, damien jurado, dave eggers, david lynch, deutsch, devendra banhart, die schweiz, digital information, dr. wenstrom, eightyoldwomen, euripides, fiery furnaces, fjords, flickr, floating cities, france, frankenstein, franz kafka, freedom ship, fuck the farmacia, germany, gorky's zygotic mynci, gouda, haruki murakami, herman's hermits, homer, how the brain works, human extremes, human extremities, intelligence, iron & wine, irvine welsh, jim o'rourke, jonathan richman, joseph campbell, kafka, kimya dawson, kurt vonnegut, ladytron, le tigre, leon theremin, lev sergeyevich termen, liquors, lists, lou reed, lyd, m. ward, marcel marceau, marsh islands, mathematics, max richter, maypole, mcdonough, mirah, momus, morrissey, nepal, neurology, nico, nikola tesla, norway, notwist, ocean engineering, old bikes, old david bowie, oscar wilde, oslo, painting, parasites, paul simon, pedro the lion, phonephotography, photography, physics, polyphasic sleep, portland, radiohead, reed, richard swift, rolling your own cigarettes, rss feeds, rubix cubes, short stories, simon & garfunkel, sognefjord, starflyer 59, stereo total, stereolab, suisse, swedish-electro-pop, switzerland, tesla coil, the beatles, the books, the innocence mission, the magnetic fields, the new pornographers, the soft pink truth, the statler brothers, the turtles, the tv people, theremins, thereminvox, tom waits, traveling, velvet underground, vinegar, white noises, wines, woody allen, word of the day, writing, yo la tengo, Лев Сергеевич Термен