Hannah (eightyoldwomen) wrote,

fancy beer

I'm drinkin with my housemates. Yea! Wait, no, I'm posting on livejournal and drinkin. I'm about to go back in there and make my housemates play a game of set. We've been playing it every other hour, especially when we first wake up. It's intense. I've never played competitively with people.

Hannah: Hey guys! When I come back in there guess what I want to do?
Rossy: Drink?
Hannah: I'm already doing that.
Caitlin: If it's play set, the answer is no.
Nava: Yea!

Looks like set is on.

I posted some photos on the facebook. I went on some hikes around the mt hood area this past weekend.
I jumped in a lake with snow still around it (naked), climbed up the tom dick and harry mountain, and hiked to little zigzag falls. (http://reed.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2007178&l=c986e&id=9702144)
I've also been biking around, building shit, looking for jobs. summer summer summer.

Photos are going to be on flickr soon too. (It takes longer because I have to tag shit.)

Today I cleaned the kitchen. (It was a project.) Tomorrow I might tackle my room.

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